How to Can when you Can’t. 

I literally just cannot. I feel like I live in baby Seattle.  I didn’t sign on for this amount of rain.  I’m all like “get it together Columbus.”  But it won’t.  I can count on one hand the amount of nice sunny days I have experienced in the past two weeks.  As I write this we are currently having a unicorn sunny above 80 degree day.  By the time this goes to blog, it will be raining again.  Help me Lord.

Anyway, I’m here to give you three styling options for how to can when you just can’t with inconsistent weather.

  1. Go ahead, wear those vegan leather Joggers.

  I mean I see them on Pinterest all the time.  These women wearing leather pants with strappy sandals and I’m all “what kind of weather permits this?  Where do you live ma’am?”

  Though they don’t live here, Cloudy and 70’s is prime weather to pull of the leather look without looking like you’re trying – but we’re all always trying right?

  Not into the vegan leather scene? Coated joggers will do the same trick.

     2.   Really don’t have a care to spare

Yes I wore a white dress in the rain.  I’ll be honest if I lived in NYC still, I wouldn’t have.  It would be easier to retrieve excalibur than to try and get NYC dirty water backsplash off of white tbh. 

  My coworker saw me as I was walking in and said “white in the rain huh?” I shrugged and mumbled “I just don’t care it’s summer and I’ve resolved to wear my summer clothes.” 

 Being bright helps to brighten my mood, and when you “can’t” you need all the mood lifters you can get.

     3.  Maximize the good days

When the sun comes (and it will even if it’s sporadic) be ready to go out and enjoy it. Ahem… Be ready. It’s still pool and beach season. Don’t let rain give you amnesia. All this rain actually has bathing suit prices slashed so I copped this build a bikini for a total of $10. $13 if you include my necklace. When the weather is nice and you actually “can”… Make sure you can.

peep my lowkey superhero pose…

 These 3 styling tips will help you can when you just can’t. Use them to aid you in  summering like a champ. And remember to always shop wisely

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