The Natural Hair Walk of Shame.

Guys. We spend HOURS twisting and protecting our hair telling people all the time it takes to detangle, twist, air dry, braid, coil, yada yada yada. But if you can’t go out in the rain, fear humidity, are afraid of activities, and to live life in general, then what is it all for?  A cute iggie™ (coining that phrase, Instagram selfie)? That’s not my lot in life. As my Amina Bear would say “schworry guise”

But enough ranting, every year (this is my second summer/ first full year) I let my mane free for one week to blow, press, trim, and length check. This year was a nice surprise. A year*in protective style yielded about 4 inches of growth after trim. 

Though I love it, I hate the Natural Hair Walk of Shame. You know what I’m talking about. You keep your hair twisted/ knotted/ wrapped until you get to your final destination hoping to maintain your definition, only to be faced with humidity or worse. 

 Let me tell you what I’m not a fan of… Ceily braids. Those little plaits really dampened my morning strut. And you need that to start your day off right.

  I mean I recouped… But just long enough to go from shoulder length to about ear length.

shrinkage😩 am I right?!?!

Even a blow out was rough. 

   I’ve come to realize I’m a protective style girl. Rather no muss no fuss. And DEFINITELY NOT a Natural Hair Walk of Shame kind of girl. My hair benefits as well. 

I’ve picked a style to hold me to my next protective style.  You’ll see it in my next post. And I’ve just decided, if you’re not doing my hair or paying for it to get done; your vote doesn’t count. After all you don’t have to experience the Natural Hair Walk of Shame.

Why should I? 




  1. Hey, I really liked this post and I can totally relate. It would be nice if you would check out my blog. Keep writing gold! Ta ta

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