What to Wear when You have Cornrows.

  Is it just me or is it harder to style yourself when you have natural hair? Not only that but as a black woman in the workforce how can you rock cornrows without ridicule and backlash? 

 Though I personally define protective style as one in which none of my hair is out, while I let my hair breath I figured I’d show a pictorial of my clothing choices with cornrows to influence and inspire.  Art Dec meets Punk with a spiked F21 belt that was paired with an ASOS dress 

 A Saturday gets super artsy with a tank body suit and a denim gathered midiskirt  

 The skirt is a fashionunder50 original so if you’re interested email me for details at thefashionunder50@gmail.com 

   Turned some men’s trousers into joggers, added a flowy top, Adidas, and a fedora and was good to go! 
 Distressed river island jeans ASOS platforms and an H&M top create a laid back look.  I think the biggest leap is wearing cornrows with studs, it’s the most naked feeling in the world. 

  • Don’t let cornrows or any protective style dictate your wardrobe options! 
  • Definitely try things on ahead of time to avoid unpleasant surprises and make adjustments as needed.
  • Take a chance! A subtle hairstyle could encourage more exciting wardrobe choices

As always, shop wisely!


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