Thirty Gr8


The laugh i have when ppl cry over turning 25.

 So this weekend (Sunday) I turned 38.
I’ll spare you the “days till 40” (oh wait it’s like 700 & change cuz I have a really morbid 38 year old friend) whine and talk to you about how good 38 feels.

I feel like I’m really in my skin. Aside from having to get my license renewed and transferred to OH from NYC, I feel blessed. God is good y’all. 

I was featured in Artist 2 Artist. I have some other big news in the works; but most importantly, I’ve let some stuff go yall. Like it’s one serious blessing to shed the weight of years previous and thank God for the here and now. And I do.

I am surrounded by friends that love me… 

A twin brother that stans for me like I stan for him…



My life, my health, my strength, my momma!!!  

A cute wardrobe 😉, friends that pour into me and encourage me and also give dope gifts 😬   

I won’t waste this year. I’m so grateful for it. And blessed to get here. I pray your years welcome you the way 38 welcomed me.   

I laughed at Kendra for fallining so she aged me.

Stay dope and stay open to what God wants to do with you!  


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