Artist 2 Artist Feat. Fashionunder50

Artist 2 Artist is a blog series that gives you a unique view of artists as they are interviewed by another artist, it gives you a different perspective on the role of an artist and their craft, their business and their personal hustle. – Marlin Woodruff

Here is the thing… I’m an Artist, and I’m sensitive about my… 🙂 

 But how do you grow?  Who do you cling to when you are no longer a novice and not yet a superstar?  I’ve know Marlin for almost a decade if not more and artist to artist, we have watched each other pick up and put down our art more than anyone ever should.

We are both now exploring what it looks like when you finally say “yes” to it.  When it stops being a hobby and is the thing that you are working towards because you believe in your dream, and more so, you believe in yourself.  

Along with photography and a great eye for the beauty of life, Marlin is adding to his list of talents a collective of encouraging vlogs.  By artist for artists.  Artist 2 Artist.  Though we may not be in the same field, sometimes hearing the push of another artist helps you pick your art back up.

Here are a few stills from the shot that will be featured in a future post.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Marlin Woodruff or working with him, you can find him  here.

I encourage you to read all about him and get on board! 

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