Oh Kim…

The girl the media loves to love/hate is back again. Mrs. West (along with the rest of the klan) have debuted solo apps today promising more behind the scenes looks into their lives, fashion, beauty looks, interactive platforms, never before seen photos… The caveat? It’s $3 a month.  

No ma’am. No thank you. Not for $3. A. Month!

What is interesting is, I want to see if a lot of people subscribe. Screen catch is the new limewire (if you don’t remember that 1) geez 2) Google it) slash peer to peer sharing option so what could she (they) really offer that we haven’t seen and that isn’t already inundating the Internet?  
I’d love to hear your feedback! I love her beauty looks just like the next person but I’ve seen so many “how to’s” that I can’t see paying the price of a tall iced coffee at Starbucks for it. Am I being petty? Weigh in. Let’s discuss! Would you pay $3 for more “exclusive” content?  

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