Boozy Painting – How – To Make your own Wall Art and other musings

I never understood the idea of drinking wine and painting.  I’m too competitive; being inebriated would take me off my game.  And then I would have to pay for and stare at my reminder of the night I had with wine and paints.  – FashionUnder50

Seriously though, if that’s your thing and you need some wine to loosen up and grab some paint brushes, just be safe and remember, drunk isn’t cute at any age.

Needless to say, I don’t need wine to paint.  My roomie Follow me B (you should check her out) actually introduced me to painting as a means to relax, breathe, and express myself.

Now, not many of you know, but may have gotten hints from recent posts  (are you following me on IG? or on YouTube?) that I’m moving!  I know I know!! Blame the non sequential  posts on my love for Star Wars.  But I’m in this exciting new place and space and I have decided that one of my dining room walls will mimic a museum and be my art wall! It will feature original works from myself and Follow Me B and you know, anyone else who wants to contribute but I wanted to show you a quick “How-To” for one piece and how I used masking tape to achieve it. 

1. The first thing I did was use some wide sponge brushes to coursley create an overlaying pattern using four colors. You don’t have to let the colors dry completely before starting with the next color for a more blended look. I let it dry halfway.

2. Wait for it!! That is wait for the paint to dry completely before beginning to make your masking tape pattern.

3. Paint over the masking tape. Varied colors. Whatever is your pleasure! I used white, blue, and coral. Let it dry overnight.  

4. Viola! This is the finished product. Truth be told I may splatter paint it, but I’m trying to let it grow on me.


See, if I feel this way with nothing to drink, imagine my angst if I’d had wine. I hope this inspires you to get out and create! Comment below and tell me what you made, or what you do to express your inner artsy!

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