Dear Postmates… How close is close?

  I don’t want to be one of those New Yorkers. You know…. Those New Yorkers. The ones that move from New York and then claim that everything isn’t New York. Alas… I’m here in Columbus; and IN Columbus, not Reynoldsberg, not Gahanna or New Albany. And Postmates won’t deliver to me. 

How on earth can I continue to prosper with no delivery?  

 Again I don’t want to say “ohmygosh we were doing this in NYC since like ’99” but we were *cough cough* urbanfetch. I’m not even gonna say I was on their site wishing I could get a signature donut pack from Donut Plant… I digress. 

 But like… What does a tastemaker like myself have to do to live a Postmates life in Columbus? Can I sign a petition? I just want to feel the joys of Thurman’s or Hot Chicken Takeover delivered to my door.  

16 years this has been a thing. How many more will I have to wait to get this in Columbus is my question. I can walk to Yellowbrick Pizza and the Angry Baker and yet….?!?

Anyway my dope t-shirt was $7 care of Wal-Mart. Thanks for that at least.


That New Yorker 

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