5 Mistakes to Avoid when Getting Ready for Work; as illustrated by Cher Horowitz 

1. Don’t get dressed in the dark. 
  I know! I know that’s a no brainer right? But with the impending daylight savings approaching, getting dressed in the dark may be more of a reality than you think.
Throw some lights on if for no reason than they have lights at your job, which could point out that you paired your dark brown skinnies with a black blazer… By accident. 

2. Sit in your outfit before you leave.

Okay so that photo isn’t from clueless (I mean the shoes give it away) but still… Take a seat in your outfit… A few. Unless you work standing up, it’s important to know if your skirt is going to pull a Basic Instinct; or if your pants will be so tight that you’ll be forced to do the “rubber band” extension. 😒

Take a seat. Thank me later.

3. Walk in the shoes you plan on wearing in the office BEFORE you put on your commuter shoes.

This is important because I have a true sad tale regarding this: 

This summer I had a cute outfit and the PERFECT shoes to go with it. To. Die. For. Tossed them in my bag, threw on some ugly driving shoes and made my way to work. Only to find out that the clasp was broken and I had to walk around at work with bum shoes and a cute dress. Très embarrassant.

Whether it’s a missing clasp, tap or loose heel, you should want to know before you walk out the door so try them on!

4. Give yourself a once over… Twice.


Check  yourself out and then check yourself out again. It’s the singles version of a second set of eyes. The hope is that you’ll catch the second time what you may have missed the first time. It works. This is also a good time to employ the “take one thing off” rule. 


5. Selfie before you motor. 


I’m not going to lie. I see myself through “me” colored glasses. I am the bees knees. But even with confidence, you can make a bad call. Hopefully your confidence will cover the bad call but I digress…

You know what doesn’t lie? Pictures. Cher was onto something when she would take a snapshot of her outfits before leaving. That selfie is insurance. Wouldn’t you rather be caught snapped in street style than style fails? I know I would. And a selfie (unretouched) takes the Rose off of your eyes. 

Keep in mind the selfie isn’t to scare you into taking a mental health day, it’s just to ensure and outfit really does fall in all the right places. 

If you’re already doing these things, keep up the good work champ! 👍 If not, what are you waiting for! Hop to it sport! And remember, shop wisely!!

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