Instagram Fraud Cyber Stores –

I don’t like getting got. No one does. But stores like this are the reason that Instagram shopping is a slippery slope. 

With the rise of Instagram, came the rise of Instagram shoppes. Seems smart right? I mean technically it is; people are visual, Instagram is visual, so put your cookies were people can reach them. But some people were selling pipe dreams. Here is my story…

I saw some very cute booties on Fancyfeetzboutique on Instagram (they have since deleted all posts) I’m on the strictest of budgets but I had saved my money and had a little to treat myself, so I picked a very cute pair of booties, typed in all my credit card info and pressed “buy”. I was very excited. That was 10/2/15.

A week went buy and I’d yet to receive any tracking information for my package.


 Nothing. No response. I was getting worried. So I started internet snooping and could find nothing on them (that was a red flag).  There should be SOMETHING about a business on the Internet be it good or bad, if they don’t have an internet history, DON’T PURCHASE.

So I went to where I found them –  Instagram – hoping to find something, anything about how to get in contact as they weren’t responding  to my emails and the phone number they gave was a dud. 

Then I happened onto an IG page that called them fraud and read comment after comment of people they got. I was horrified! 

I @’d Fancyfeetzboutique and they were too quick to respond AND drop the ball again. You see I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and this be a triumphant story of people incorporating some “act right” in their life, no such luck




No response. So I called my bank and let them know exactly what transpired and my bank put a flag on the company name as well as their billing name and refunded my money. 

When something like this happens and it seems sketchy; contact your bank immediately. Online fraud can quickly turn into identity theft and it’s just not worth it so make sure that you are on record with your bank or credit card company as disputing these situations. For me and one other lady that I know @essb_v we got our money back. I hope the rest of you do as well if you are not already in the process. But I’m not going to let something like this happen to me and not warn my fellow readers. 

As I’ve said in the beginning they have since deleted all post (fraudulent gift card winners) posts with people commenting on where there stuff is… All of it. Their website is down as well. But remember their name in case they reemerge so that you don’t fall prey to their thievery. 

It’s so sad that this happens still in the age of information but we can quickly cut down Internet frauds by sharing what we know with all whom we know, so please pass this along and share it so that someone else doesn’t lose their hard earned money.

Shop wisely.


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  1. They got me too! Which sucks because i enjoy the convenience of shopping online and giving new companies business. I ordered the day after you. It has been almost two months since i placed my order. Thank you for your article, I will definitely be filing a claim to my bank today!

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