The Dress Queen👑

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted my affinity regarding dresses. Their ease, it’s simplistic dressing. If you’re challenged in the area of coordinating, you don’t have to feel that angst with dresses.

You can do cute and quirky with darker patterned tights and a light dress.  If you’re unsure about shoe selection (browns with Blues & reds) neutral brown will feel a bit more safe if you pair it with a matching purse.

Dress – Old Navy , Tights – The Gap, Semi vintage Mary Janes – Nine West , Shopper – Target

Sweater dresses are the easiest style, but some things to keep in mind:

  • They don’t create a shape so you can end up looking like you don’t have a figure. A cropped blazer is a great solution if you absolutely must accentuate curves.
  • Still wear spanx underneath your sweater dress. Just because a dress isn’t clingy isn’t a reason to not hold it in.  Spanx help clothes fall correctly on you.
  • Go with a finer knit as opposed to a chunky one so that it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your frame.

Dress – Discount Fashion Warehouse, Shoes – Old Navy
A simple belt cinched a 50’s style shirt dress. This style is amazing for us curve challenged ladies. The flared bottom creates the illusion of full hips and a tiny waist. I find this style flattering on most shapes as its forgiving where it needs to be and adds structure where its needed.

Dress – The Gap, belt and shoes – Victoria’s secret
This tulip dress needed nothing. Literally. Nothing. Great option if you’re extremely minimalist.

Dress – Justfab, Shoes – Shoedazzle
I love this boxy drop waist dress. I have worn it dropped waist with a denim jacket, with sandals, boots, various belts. It’s extremely flattering and versatile. And th pattern makes it a great statement piece.

Dress – H&M, Shoes – TJ Maxx , Belt – Target, Shades – Royal Factory Atelier
Maybe my least favorite is this fit and flare dress in sweatshirt material.  Great in theory, really hard to execute. The weight and stretch works against the structure of the dress. So my options to salvage this dress are to take it in or belt it.

Dress – Asos
Don’t let cooler weather fool you … Well let the polar vortex scare you but we have a few months… Dresses aren’t just a spring summer thing. You can prosper in the fall and even early winter!

Shop wisely!

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