Indian summers and Landmarks

I’m not a fan of fall so imagine my surprise when we got a week of Indian Summer in November!

Now does that mean break out all of the summer clothes that I packed away? No! It’s still November so let’s keep it real.

A simple tee shirt and jeans look says “oh warm weather! Hello I wasn’t expecting you but come in! Come in!”

Indian summers are like uninvited house guests in a good way; even though you don’t expect them, you want to be ready for them. 

You can even bejewel yourself with temporary gilded tattoos to match the fleeting joy of warmth…


t-shirt – H&M $5, jeans – Joe Fresh $19, moccasins – $45

Speaking of fleeting things; I had the opportunity to shoot in front of the dopest murals scheduled for demolition.
The IGA – the first African American supermarket in Columbus is scheduled for demolition to make way for retail opportunities. 

It’s super sad because who wants to see landmarks demolished?


Don’t let history or Indian summers go without taking a piece of it!

Shop wisely!

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