What Cinderella Would Wear to the Ball Today

I got invited to a holiday ball! It would seem like it was a great idea, however I committed without solidifying ball attire. (Yikes)  

Who has a ballgown in this day and age right?  However, you should still want to be appropriate, as there is nothing worse than sucky etiquette, especially around your workplace superiors.

To my delight they amended Holiday Ball attire to also include cocktail dresses ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค” 

“Can you wear dress pants?” * long pause*

“I supposed as long as it’s very dressy… it’s still a ball.”

In my mind I was thinking “it’s still winter!” But instantly I began mulling over outfit ideas in my head.

Did I mention the Holiday  ball was Friday night? And I was invited Friday morning?!? If that ain’t a modern day Cinderella scenario, I don’t know what is. 

So I asked myself… “What would Cinderella wear?”

  A beasting suit that’s what. When the clock strikes 12 she can’t fumble with a dress… She has to get ghost. Plus it’s easier to hail a cab… I mean carriage in pants.

  This sequin peplum top [from Nasty Gal] oozes I came to meet my Prince OR dance the night away because I’m cute enough for both.

  Don’t worry, if you want to serve ice queen  you can do that too. Lord knows it’s cold enough…

 But the perfect “notice me” slipper is appropriate in any era.  

Sorry Cindy, clear shoes send the wrong message… But these super sparkly party heels from shoedazzle will get you noticed even better.

Moral of the story? When the clock strikes 12, make sure you had as much fun as possible, with as little adjustments and as many compliments as possible. As always 

Shop wisely!




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