How I survived Budgeting and 3 Things I learned…

They say no good deed goes unpunished. I beg to differ. I think no good thing comes without working for it lest you not appreciate it. I mean come on; it’s why the working man loathes trust fund babies. They lack appreciation because they didn’t work for it, or to keep it.

So when God blessed me with my dope new apartment I was all “yes Lord! Owwww 🙌🏾” but I knew work was coming. You see I wasn’t out of my current lease so I had to budget to pay rent in two places.

This meant this summer while people were traveling I was saving. Now I had my shopping fun too; but in September it got real. Aside from savings, in order to pay my bills and afford a new place that meant living on a $40 buck allowance per pay period (I get paid twice a month) so at the close of this extreme budgeting; I figured I’d share how it went. I realized in this where my money has been scurrying off to.  Now, your money “black holes” may not be the exact same as mine, but this can at least help you identify and rectify you feel me?

  1. How to be a Real life minimalist

You don’t know how wasteful you are until you need to reassess that wallet situation IRL.  Sure, we all say we want to live a life more minimally, but to be honest, that usually means consuming more to say that we consume less.  Its insanity.  But real life minimalism started in my kitchen and bedroom.

  • I truly learned need vs. want.  The amount I wasted on food was insane! I challenge you to look at your food bill per month and tell me what you see. Not only was I buying groceries every two weeks (and I gave myself a $100 grocery budget per pay period) but I was also eating out! So needless to say I was wasting perishables and lots of dough. My solution? I became queen of the crockpot I learned how to utilize food and make meals that lasted longer as well as eat what I had before opting to eat out all the time. I realized, if you prepare in advance,  you end up not wasting as much money. I also learned I could live well on a $50 per pay period grocery allowance. Keep in mind this is no frills and majority essentials. I also learned the greatest lesson of all: Going out is a TREAT not a standard.
  • Try as I might I realized I was an emotional shopper. I only realized this because I could not shop at all for two + months. To tell you the peril would be an understatement to who I am but I’m here today to tell you that I managed and I survived and I’ll tell you how. My solution?  I shopped my closet. No lie. It was a chance for me to see what I already had and how to reuse it; and even a chance for me to realize what I didn’t need anymore. It allowed me the opportunity to revisit and realize that I do a LOT of dupe shopping and that’s wasteful as well. There will be a weeding out video posted on that at the end of December.  Shopping ones closet is not the same as going out and buying clothes but it was a like… Like eating daiya cheese when you can’t have the real thing. It for sure ain’t cheese but it’s not terrible either.

2. Losing the Greed Goggles

I did everything with my eyes. Eat, shop, all of it.  It’s a sucky realization as well as selfish to realize that you’re greedy. But here is the hard fact about budgeting and greed.  They’re like oil & water.  Biggie said it best when he said they don’t mix like …..[go head and fill that in]
Greed  has to be a top contender as an Achilles heel when it comes to budgeting.  The solution? Choose ye this day.  What do you want more?  I had to realize the toxicity of greed.  I know it sounds deep & all but actually realizing that greed is unhealthy and produces toxic fruit helped level set as well as make me prioritize.  Am I cured from greed? No. but the fear of financially dropping the ball helped yolk me to the proper way to approach my money… or lack thereof.

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3. Buying Seasonally 

This probably only pertains to the fresh veggie & fruit eaters in the house.  But just goes to show you where money goes.  I knew there was a reason the summer was my time. It’s when fruit and veggies are cheaper because they are in season and plentiful. When mangoes are $2… Summer is over guys. 

I’m a fresh fruit girl and some of us are. Eating fresh is a must.  Just know that out of season will put a major dent in your purse. If buying frozen isn’t your thing, think ahead and do some research. What fruits and veggies freeze and thaw well? Stock up in season and freeze when they are out of season.

I hope this helped because it really taught me and created a healthy lifestyle of being more conscious of my wallet. 

Shop wisely! 

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