Get the Look: Fringe Benefits

I have a rule with fashion trends.

Never pay the same price for a trendy piece that you’d pay for a timeless piece.

It just makes no (cost per wear) sense to pay a lot for something you’ll wear tops… 3 times (maybe more if you travel).

So this Christmas had their version of a fringe skirt on sale for a whopping $10! #coppedthat

It’s since sold out but here is a similar version. And if you’re über tiny cop this quickly.


It’s still very much en vogue this spring and now I don’t feel guilty trying this trend on for size.

I love the look. Though I’ve mostly seen this style skirt with strappy heels, I paired it with some slouchy ankle boots because, well… It’s still February!

The hat was a gift from my sister and style twin Odessa ❤️.


A whopping $10 for the boots too and I won the motorcycle jacket… So basically my food bill this weekend cost more than my outfit.

Shop Wisely!

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