Get the Look: French Chic, Redux

I think I’ve done a few post regarding French chic.  As Americans, I think we are a little obsessed with their effortless beauty.  Possibly because we take so long to look like it took no time at all.  Though I’m definitely NOT a minimalist, I will say that there is a minimalist approach to mixing that can help you achieve an effortless look that is stylish, and, in fact effortless.

Here are some key pieces to look for, or add into your wardrobe to achieve this look.


  Listen… I love heels, the higher the heel the closer to God, thats my motto – however, heels tend to look like… work.

So I’ve invested in some really dope, sharp flats.  The key here is not to look at flats like you’re giving up on style, or to look incomplete, but to find a flat that is versatile, clean and classic.

  I chose these Asos Abery Brogue Ankle Boots because they are polished, versatile (you can wear with slacks, jeans, dresses) and effortless.  (I actually paid $12 for mine at a local store because they put the incorrect size on the shoe)


  What can I say? I am 100% a fan of coated black skinny jeans.  Not as dated as vinyl leggings and not as committed as leather pants; they find a happy middle as a staple in your wardrobe.  These are coated jeggings from H&M from a while back, they took some breaking in, but they are my absolute go to pair of pants especially with loose tops and button ups.


  There is a difference between quirky, cute, and chic.  If you are looking to create a more chic wardrobe, you’re going to want to avoid quirky and cute altogether.  Go with darker colored worn in tees or vintage whites.  Also, trade your “cats” in for “kisses”or a simplistic screen that looks unintentional but cool.


 Its still winter/spring which means warm days in the sun but chilly nights.  The solution?  Double coating.  Though it isn’t a new trend at all, its definitely one that doesn’t get a lot of play but should definitely be considered if you are looking for ways to have your closet evoke a more french “je ne sais quoi”.

Just a tip when trying this.  make sure that your inner layer coat is thinner and less bulky than you outer layer coat.  I’d also play around with patterns and fabric here.  My inner coat was a leather moto jacket from and my outer coat was a wool mid thigh length Kenneth Cole coat.

French Chic is easy to “redux” if you incorporate these easy style updates into your wardrobe!

Shop Wisely!

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