Spring Fling – How To Wear spring colors at work

Its spring again! I’m too excited about it.   Trust me when I say that winter sun is cool, but it just doesn’t cut it.  Its like double happiness when you pair warm weather with sunshine.

Dress: Forever21 Shoes: Asos
Another thing I like to pair?  Muted pinks and soft purples. Not necessarily monochromatic; but it lends a soft colorful flare to neutrals.

Sunnies: Royal Factory Atlier
Work appropriate but still allows you to embrace the joys of spring and warm weather.

For people who think it’s too much girly… Think again. 

Cuts and styles play a major part when you are going for spring colors, especially in the work place. I mean… It’s work not the Kentucky derby, so I get it. 

Pants: Express Top: H&M
Instead of pixie cut pants or cropped pants that can end up looking childish in bright or light colors, try a trouser cut pant in a light color. It’s mature and fun. Lol. Mature and fun… It’s almost tragic to  hear it, but when you try it… You get that “ahaaa” moment and I promise it opens your closets potential up even more.

Instead of the cami/ cardigan, tee/ cardigan combo; go for a sleeveless button up blouse. If your commute or office is chilly… Throw a B on it! (Blazer)

Above the knee dresses am I right?!?! Tricky little suckers to pull off for a few reasons:

  1. Your job may seriously have a rule about dress and skirt length.
  2. The same style dress doesn’t look the same on every body. 
  3. We haven’t mastered the art of “situational pairing”

So here are a few color and cut tips for spring dresses! 

If the length is above the knees make sure your neckline is modest. 

Avoid pumps! Like the plague. Go for some flats with personality. Even with uber & lyft, flats are more commuter friendly and have graduated in leaps and bounds since horrific ballet flats jumped on the scene…

How are you wearing your spring colors?!

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As always… Shop wisely! 

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