How to totally OWN Normcore

I had a bit of an enlightened moment.  Being a style blogger and having a regular 9-5,  I was like “Aye  Jai… you mad regular”. And by regular, I simply mean I can’t be in these streets – or rather my job – pushing the fashion envelope or risking looking out of place just so that I can take pictures after work. Most of us don’t have a fancy fashion editor/ artsy jobs that allow us artistic freedom in our clothing choices.
But then I realized, I didn’t want to take pictures because I looked “normcore”.  Now mind you, normcore isn’t ugly.  And it doesn’t look like you gave up or don’t care, so why not OWN that normcore you know?

“Trucker” Denim Jacket – Old Navy Distressed by Fashionunder50

Normcore doesn’t mean that there isn’t pattern or texture mixing, but it’s definitely way more subtle.

Girlfriend Jeans – The Gap ($4 on some wild crazy in store sale)

Mustard chinos and a denim jacket are tried and true

Sweater is literally from a super market in Cleveland! Animal Print shoes – The Gap

I stay doubling up on animal print. It’s a fav way to pattern mix.

To quote Ye & Jay: (No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative)

No, it’s not, it’s gross

(It gets the people going!)

It gets me going. I feel less status quo when I drop even subtle flair in the mix.

So, go hardcore in your normcore. Get out there! Look like the cute quirky librarian or greeting card writer or flower shop owner in your favorite RomCom! Get the guy! And remember… Shop wisely!

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