How to Model Off Duty when you’re not a Model

Well, let’s see… I’m not 5’11”, not 20 something..I don’t weigh like 120 lbs. So… Its safe to say that modeling is not going to be a life goal for me.  I’m a 5″6″ blogger thats 30(cough cough), eats waffle house in her bed, and has an affinity for sweets.

But even though I’m not model size nor height, it doesn’t mean I don’t totally love Model Off Duty style. And further more, that us mere mortals can completely pull off these looks.

I love Gigi, Kendall, Binx, Cara, and Jordan.  They’ve  TRULY redefined the model off duty look, and are so effortlessly chic in doing it, that you no longer feel like you have to go couture  to be closer to the model scene.

Here are a few surefire ways to master the Model off duty look without being a model:


The way to create a realistic spin on the Tank Dress? Opt for a looser dress vs. a bodycon. I’m sure you could probably go bodycon 😊 but riddle me this: Could you survive brunch in a bodycon tank dress?!

Tank Dress: Old Navy

I opted for an Old Navy black ribbed tank dress that I paired with a camo belt from the Gap. I created the laid back Model Off Duty look by finishing off the look with a pair of converse sneakers and a….


Flight Jacket:  Army Navy Store

Bomber/ Flight jackets and their fashion counterparts, have been on the rise since last season. They’re warm cute and sporty, making them a stylish functional choice for the M.O.D. I’ve seen these jackets go for $60 to $550 online. Try your nearest army/ navy/ Air Force store. They’re a fraction of the cost.


Moto jackets chics everything up by like, 💯%

Moto Jacket: Asos

For this jacket, the key is keeping it simple. Instead of a trendy version, I’d invest in one that is real leather.  That way, when it ages, it just gets better and truly more authentically you.

Another thing to do to make it more M.O.D and less biker girl? Drape it over your shoulders. Instant tough chic. You’re welcome.


Hat: Forever21

Tell me, just in life,what is more chic, more slimming and always, ALWAYS in style?!?!


Pants: Express  Top: H&M

A black fitted sweater paired with a high waist sailor pant is simple and creates balancing curves on almost every body type.


Jeans: Victoria’s Secret

I’ll be honest; I wasn’t always into flare jeans. Truth be told, I’m still not.  However I’ve always kept like 3 to 4 pair on hand because flare jeans help to create curves for us, the hip challenged.

Hat: Forever21

Lucky for you, they ARE back in style, so if you don’t own a pair.  Go try some on!

Seriously, try them on.  Because all flares were NOT created equal.  You want to make sure that they aren’t swallowing you whole; that they’re not bell bottoms (unless you want that look) or that they aren’t those odd skinny flares.

A good rule of thumb is that your jeans should gradually start flaring out at the knees.

If you’re not into frayed bottoms or cuffing your jeans, make sure to check the length!


Leather Blazer: Vintage leather shop NYC


Bruh! Get you one of these!

They go with EVERYTHING! Its an extremely diverse closet staple.  Cleaner than a moto jacket,

True story: This jacket is over 12 years old.  The lining is shot, some kids at my old church poured something on it that ate a small hole in it, but I will not let it go.  I refuse to gain too much weight so that I can forever fit in it. I feel like EVARRYYTHANG in this coat.  And really, something that you feel great in will definitely make you carry it like you’re a model.


Camisole Top: H&M

It’s a revival of the 90’s with slip dresses and  pale lace lined camisole’s making a comeback on the scene.

I will say this; try these on too.  There is a thin line between looking like you’re M.O.D’ing and you literally put a slip on and were like “that’ll do pig, that’ll do.”

Make sure to pair with either a blazer or a denim jacket.  Avoid cardigans at all cost, unless you are going for the “walk of shame”/ “librarian got lucky last night” look.  I mean… its a thing so….


Top: H&M   Pant: The Gap

A lot of leather right?  Leather things are M.O.D staples so why not add leggings into the mix.  Leather leggings or coated leggings are what separate the chic from the soccer mom.

Shoes: Asos   Sunnies: Street Vendor

Leather leggings look cleaner when paired with a turtleneck, tunic or even a tee.  When you attempt this look with faded black legging (DO NOT LIE WE ALL HAVE A PAIR OF DUSTY BLACK LEGGINGS!!!), you end up looking more, “struggling student” than M.O.D.


Coat: H&M

People have made fun of my coat. I could care less because it was an AMAZING find on an H&M sale rack.  its more casual than a trench yet not as normcore as a denim jacket.

Draping rule apples for added effortless cool.


 Listen. When all else fails. Animal print. Now granted, this is more on duty than off, but all off duty isn’t created equal.

Top: Asos  Jeans: Victoria Secret

I actually cuffed my flare jeans for this look.

I also upped the look by going for a bright tunic instead of a tee.  Makes it look more gooder.


Somedays all you can do is say “hey, I took a shower for you…I cannot do any more than that.” But do just a little more.  Nothing says “No boo boo, I worked last night” than bright lips and dark sunnies when you can only muster a tee & jean/ sweats ensemble.

Two great reds to invest in are Lady Danger and Ruby Woo from MAC.  Too rich for your blood?  Try this & this.  You’re Welcome :-).

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