1 Pair of Shorts. 2 Festival Looks.

Happy Summer!!!! We are now a week in and if you live in a state like mine, you’ve had the pleasure of summer starting a little earlier.

Now I don’t own many pairs of denim shorts, nor do I see the need to pay the same price for them as I would a pair of jeans. Furthermore, I can never seem to find the perfect style and fit. So what do you do? #diy

mom jean dolphin shorts: DIY

Be what you can’t see. If it isn’t in a store, create it!

All you’ll need is a pair of Mom jeans/ high waist jeans (preferably not fitted) and a GOOD pair of scissors.

  1. Fold your jeans so that the fronts touch
  2. Measure your desired length – i didn’t want short shorts so i gave myself some length.  Plus, you have to factor in additional fraying.
  3. Cut!  I cut from the crotch to the outer thigh.  The key is the curve.
The key is curving on the outer thigh to create the dolphin style effect
Shoes: Asos Bag: LV

The end result are these super dope retro jeans That are the perfect mix of throwback/ festival/ and grown youth.

Tee Shirt: SidewalkChalkMusic Sunnies: F21

For the first look I paired my short with a T-Shirt from one of my favorite bands: Sidewalk Chalk.  You have to listen to their music and while your at it, lets help them create this new album!

I added some super high platforms from ASOS, sunnies and straw fedora from F21 and my fake LV bag… to hold my camera gear lol. What? its roomy in there!

Hat: F21

I felt very Lisa Bonet (grown)/ Zoe Kravitz (youth).  This look is more I have errands to run & things to do this Saturday, but if I stumble upon a street festival, I’m in like Flynn.

Hat: NastyGal

The second look was definitely more festival than errands

Sunnies: Royal Factory Atelier Shoes: Shoedazzle (this season) Marlene

The shoes are from Shoedazzle (this season!) and the hat is from Nasty Gal.  Those sunnies tho! from a local dope gem called Royal Factory Atelier

Robe Shirt: DFWh

Paired with my “Robe Shirt” – not quite kimono, not quite shirt – and a tank this is more along the lines of a “stock” or “palooza” type of gathering.  Create always, Shop wisely!

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