Who’s The Master

Maybe this wasn’t the right time to see if my hair could be pressed…

It feels like August, it’s only July though. There are NO complaints. None. Only me trying to figure out how to wear tunics in the heat.

Little advice I got from my grandma: “you hot? Then set still!”  That being said this is a DOPE outfit for the fall… Not so much for summer.

The top is actually a dress. I was just trying to avoid the “😵 look at them legs!” Response. I won’t make that mistake again. 

Adding my coated leggings and my humidity ridden half high bun created this beautiful  mesh of Sho’Nuff and Laura Charles (rip Dennis Matthews and Julius Carry😢) 

Top was $12 and the shoes were a smooth $8 both from one of my fave Columbus shopping gems: Discount Fashion Warehouse 

Sunnies: $7 F21 fly as heck, but you really can’t see in them so… Buy at your own risk. 

But this is definitely a look. And one that is going on file to recreate when the weather cools off, who knows… Maybe by then this Laura Charles will find her Bruce Leroy.

Shop wisely. 

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