How To Style All Over Print

Mom, Have you ever made something that was so beautiful and EXACTLY how you imagined it, so much so that it brings you to tears?!?!

Her answer was “no”, but she understood, nodded and said “go ahead and get the tears of joy out.  You did a good job”

All over print has taken some major detours and journey’s over the past few years.  Who can forget fried egg separates? 

Or those wild all over print sweat shirts? 

 Even more recently, pineapples and floral’s have made their way into EVERYTHING!  So as a designer who loves all over print, but knows that you must choose wisely so that you stay stylish and don’t go the way of the fashion dinosaur, I got frustrated.  I kept false starting.  But as a birthday gift to myself.  I finished.  

And as a gift to you I want to break down how and why all over separates are an excellent addition to add to your wardrobe.


So you do know that you can also wear the pieces separately right?  It’s a plus and you get more bang for your buck.  The top and bottom can be interchanged with other items in your closet.

Easy Statement

It’s a simple one and done approach to statement dressing.  I’m going to be real, I got a LOT of compliments on my outfit.

You don’t realize that its good to have your dreams affirmed by others sometimes.

Some  people thought it was a dress (an illusion of all over print)  others immediately knew it was a two piece and loved the way I made the prints line up (All God and attention to detail).  The print made it an easy statement and eye-catching outfit that might not have been as eyecatching in a solid print.

Instant Style Status

83% of the time I see someone pull off all over print I think to myself.  “They have style.” May the style odds ever be in your favor.

It’s abomidable that I’m a New Yorker that keeps my bag open. However CJ & I slay.

This is definitely a piece that officially can take a spot in my 2017 line.  I love the box pleats of the skirt because it gives a crisp structure while the flowy off the shoulder top holds an aire of Boehme.  

The print marries structure to ease and creates multiple style opportunities to look forward to.

What would you create with these pieces?

Support your local artist!
Shop wisely!

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