It’s the End of Days… of Summer

I hate season “rushers” Always rushing fall.  Summer doesn’t end until September 22 at 10:21 am  EDT.  It’s summer until then, not indian summer, not fall, SUMMER.

Get all your wears in while the weather is yet warm, I say.  But if you’re one of those people who’s pumped about the whole leggings boot uniform, I get it…I guess. Athleisure is still going strong so you can ride that wave for a bit.

So this isn’t really a how to transition summer stuff into the fall blog, more so it’s a post for how to fashionably ween yourself off of summer.  There is a difference.  Remember when Rudy wanted to wear her  summer dress to a party?  That is this post.  It is also eternally my mood when summer leaves me for 9 whole months.

  1. Optimize On the Warm Days

I’m not saying wear short shorts to work, but on the days that the weather permits, get  your summer tops and dresses in.  Instead of looking from the perspective of what “cozy” things you can get away with, come from the perspective of what warm things can you get away with.  Can you pair your lacy summer dress with a blazer and belt? How about that Cold shoulder dress with a pair of cropped pants?


2. Don’t Forget about the Cool Nights

Listen.  This summer was sweltering.  Like even the night gave no rest.  But I’m totally okay with warm days and cool nights. Just remember to keep a stylish accompaniment with you.  Try a flowy kimono cover or even a lightweight bomber on those exceptionally cooler nights.


3.  Hold Off on the Boots

Guys, get the most out of your pedi’s and sandals.  Trust me, in November you’ll be wishing you did.  So use every chance to get the last wears out of your open toed shoes, booties, and sandals.


4.  Do Outside Things

Don’t run to the coffee houses just yet for your “pumpkin latte chai cider mochachinos”, doing that pushes you to wanting to wear warmer things because lets face it, sweaters are a better coffee-house aesthetic than sundresses.  Instead, get in your final farmers market runs in your best kick around shorts and tees.  In November you’ll look back at September and smile.


5. Show A Little Skin

And by skin, I mean ankle.  Get all the wear you can out of your cropped (flared, straight or fitted) pants.  Though I agree booties and boots can extend the season wear life of your shorter pants, most of us can get caught in an awkward pairing of the two and forgo it all together.

Listen, winter is coming.  These are the final days of summer.  Enjoy them.

Stay tuned for next week… There is a MASSIVE clothes purge coming and you’ll want to read (see) all about it! 

Shop Wisely!



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