Pins vs. Patches – Which Trend Wins?

The thing about trends is, they’re trendy. And when they’re over; they are over. And then you’re left with a piece in your closet that looks dated. And honestly I don’t even like to donate dated looking clothes because I feel like that’s fashionably rude.  Give away what you’d still wear you know?

Two of the new hottest trends this fall? Enamel pins and patchwork.  Though I have a pair of patchwork jeans, I know that once the trend is over they’re going to be my errand/ painting/ chore jeans; but the pins?  The thing about having enamel pins is once the trend is over I can put them right back in my jewelry dish and still have the use of whatever I put them on!

Wanna rumble with the bee? Put a hex on ya whole family!
Polite or nah??
A mixture of F21 and my own collection of pins tells a sweet story on my shoulders!
Pins, animal print, and headwraps OH MY!

We’ve all collected pins or we’ve all collected pins at some point… you know you pick them up when you go to the museum, as souvenirs, at a random store giveaway, maybe even a Ricky’s in NYC.  They are officially the adult version of the childhood charm necklaces that we used to have. The beauty about this trend is that it’s customizable and affordable.  You can get pins ranging from $.99 all the way up to  $20 a pin Yeesh! can get you “lit” for $9
Forever21 is killing trio pin sets for the low starting at $6

So it’s pins for the win! But don’t fret, if you really have to have patches, forever 21 sells pin patches so it’s the best of both worlds! Score!   Which do you choose and why?

Shop wisely!

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