Trump Wins…

I voted. 

🔑They didn’t want to see me vote; so I voted.🔑

I had a major migraine last night so I went to bed assured that when I woke up Hillary would be our first female president because SURELY, surely not Trump. 

How wrong I was. I woke up to the same migraine and an alert on my phone that said “Trump is President”.  How? Where? I need a minute. 

Let’s just look at the big picture. This changes the game. This circus of an election that resulted in this means a few things.  

  1. We now see what prejudice looks like unhidden and when it comes out in mass
  2. Anyone can be president. 
  3. #Yeezy2020
  4. What’s going to happen with the price of gas?
  5. What does this mean for affordable health care?
  6. This is a serious wake up call. We can’t in good consciousness say we are a “tolerant” country. We have a “hothead” as our president.
  7. Though he sounds “humble” now. He’s going to see. 

And that’s the thing. We now get to be the guinea pig country as a man with poor stewardship skills LEARNS how to consider others BEFORE himself.

These past 8 years AGED Obama. And black don’t crack! But it tried a (to my minuscule knowledge) patient man.  

Being president isn’t an easy job. That job at the very least produces a humbleness from realizing that  regardless of the fact if half of us cannot stand you, you still have to move in the best interest of the entire country.  America isn’t a country club.  It’s a thankless job, and we will get a first hand look and experience of what it looks like for an egomaniac to have this position. I’m not looking forward to it but we are all in like it or not for the next 4 years. 

Get your popcorn 🍿. The show is about to start. 

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