How To mix Jewel Tones, Satin, and Sweats

We’ve had a very winter-ish winter thus far. Some days are “what fresh new frozen Sheol is this?”, some days it’s so mild you realize you are truly living in global warming times.  BUT, you can still wear skirts so I’m in! 
Jewel tones, satins and sweats. The things of Pinterest and Instagram! The best way to get the most longevity out of your spring and summer skirts.

Staying in tune to current trend, make sure to get those jewel tones in.

I’m a fan of sweats and satin because it’s the stylized version of “Netflix & Chill” meets “Take me out because I look Cute.”

Thats been my style dilemma as of late.  I’m creating so I need to be comfy, but at the drop of a hat, I need to be able to get out  and look more than presentable, not like the starving artist I am.

LongLine Boohoo Bomber.  It’s my fave.  The sapphire blue Jewel tone is both striking and  subtle.  Added bonus? It covers my butt.  Butts need to be cover when its cold.

The topaz Long pleated midi Is A FashionUnder50 Original.  The satin is so girly  but the topaz color gives it flexibility to be more than just a “party” skirt.  The length makes it super inviting for flats.

The sweatshirt. Army green sweatshirt I picked up from I workshop I taught at.

So what are your trend combos? What’s getting you through 2017 this far? 

Support your local creative and shop wisely! ­čśë

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