Fashion Stylist, up and coming Designer, Wardrobe Rehabilitation Specialist, Blogger and Vlogger Jaikeyl Douglin Brings fashion and style to Ohio via New York City.

After more than a decade of immersing herself in Fashion, Style and Make up in New York City, the only next logical move was to take the next steps and become a personal style consultant/stylist/ make –up artist.

Love for the fashion industry birthed a Blog*and Vlog*, and after a few years of branding and marketing experiments Fashion Under $50 has come to be.

An innovative stylist with an eye for cutting edge dipped in the stability of classic pieces, Jaikeyl has an enthusiastic and bubbly approach to styling. Not a fan of cookie cutter or “uniform” style, Jaikeyl sits with each client and listens to who they are and what they would like to become/ add on to their clothing personality. Her eye and swift perception allow her to quickly assess and input ideas that update the once mundane to exciting.

A key differentiator to her styling approach, is inviting the Holy Spirit in to lead in understanding why people have become stuck in a fashion rut, choose the clothes that they choose, can’t move to the next level of style.

“Clothes is a topical solution, Christ is a complete solution.” Having an eye for style and a heart for people has allowed her the chance to pave a new road in the fashion and styling industry. She also does not push “the quick fix”. Abruptly changing anyone’s fashion and or style, will lead to a relapse more times than not. Her “gradual adjustment approach” has lead to the longevity of wardrobe adjustments with all clients she has worked with.

Jaikeyl’s vision and taste in clothes ranges from, Ladylike to punk, feminine to masculine, vintage to modern, Street style to High Society, with only a waft of trendiness. Her ability to mix patterns and see the use and re-use in clothing articles has allowed her to amass a versatile style, averaging well under $50 per piece* (shoes not included ;-))

· Jaikeyl Has studied Marketing and Design at FIT, She has taken MAC Pro make up classes which allow her to be a full hands-on Stylist and make –up artist at photo shoots.

· Jaikeyl has work with SES Works Photography, Derrel Anthony Photography, and Lawrence Young Photography as well as numerous pop up fashion shows throughout New York City over the course of a decade.

Jaikeyl is launching a style movement under her brand Fashion Under $50 titled “You CAN sit with Us”

A clever take on the popular line “you can’t sit with us” in the movie Mean Girls, Jaikeyl believes that style can be an all inclusive idea and not unattainable due to finances.

“You don’t have to go broke to be stylish; if you’ve gone broke in the quest to obtain style, you’re doing something wrong” – Jaikeyl Douglin

Find Jaikeyl here:

Email: Thefashionunder50@gmail.com

Website: http://www.wordpress.fashunderfifty.com

Instagram: Fashionunder50

Facebook: Fashion Under 50

Youtube: Fashion Under 50

Pinterest: Shescomplex

Tumblr: http://www.fashunderfifty.tumblr.com

Twitter: @fashunderfifty

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One comment

  1. Fabulous & fashion forward as only you can do it! So proud of you. Your Mom can say what she wants.
    .Those little dresses paid off!!
    P.S. I need a makeup “makeover” .

    Remember even on the down days TaTas UP & Go With Christ!
    Luv Ya!!

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